So, you have made the decision to become a Paraglider pilot.

This course will let you discover paragliding. The one week basic training program is , designed to produce a safe, confident and competent pilot. Combined with the flying, elements of theory will be taught. We conduct the theory lessons in a natural environment, discussing things as they occur, on the hill or in the landing field.

We recommend reading "The Art of Paragliding" by Dennis Pagen which is a highly useful book.

We focus on building your launching, landing and flight techniques through intensive ground handling & repetitive flights. The course is designed to compensate for weather constraints and different learning curves.

After completion of the course you would  have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to fly without constant instructor supervision at sites suitable for your skill level.

Xtacee Paragliding will provide the student with all the required paragliding equipment during the training course, including gliders, harnesses, radios, and helmets. Student should preferably wear Jeans , full sleeve T-shirt , sturdy footwear , carry enough drinking water & food and most importantly come with a great attitude to learn & enjoy.